Monday, March 31, 2008

date night and other fun stuff

Doug and I went out on a date Saturday night. Very exciting for us. I finally got around to calling Hannah, a sweet girl that lives just down the street. She left her babysitting flyer in our mailbox in August and I'm kicking myself for not calling sooner because we just found out that she's leaving in June to go to Germany for the summer! Anyway, she came over to stay with the kids so Doug and I could have a meal in which we weren't interrupted by The Mommy Chorus 27 times. (Come on, you know the words...sing along! "Mom? Mommy? Mom? Mommy? Oh, Mom! Mommy!")

We decided to branch out a little and try new things and so we ended up at Liu Liu's in Baxter Village just across the border in Ft. Mill, SC. Very, very good. I would have been happy with just the Hot & Sour soup, but throw in the dumplings, Sa-Cha Style Shrimp & Vegetables and Orange Chicken and we were in heaven! After dinner, we decided to check out a few of the other shops in Baxter and next ended up at Grapevine Wine Bar. They have a wonderful selection of wine and beer and it was fun to look around, but we decided not to stay and have a glass since we had already polished off a bottle at dinner. Then we decided to hop next door to Chocolat Boutique. We shared a dark chocolate dipped strawberry and bought a few truffles to take home. Finally, we ended up at Starbucks and grabbed some comfy chairs in the corner for about an hour. The kids had a great night and 101 Dalmatians. I guess we'll see if Hannah had a good night the next time I call and ask her to sit again!

A couple other items of note:

Emily's team lost their soccer game on Saturday, but only by 1 goal and they are starting to play better as a team. Also, Emily got moved up to a more challenging math class. She's pretty excited about it.

Ryan had a great time in Washington DC. His favorite thing was the Museum of Natural History and least favorite was the Holocaust Museum ("Not a fun museum, Mom. I don't think I'll go back!") He also came back with some great souvenirs for all of us as well as himself. He even called on the way home to tell me that he got, "an original copy of the Declaration of Independence!" He can't wait to hang it on his wall. He's mentioned he'd like to blog about the trip, so I'll let him do that after we get the pictures ready!

We should know this week the date of Ainsley's next (and hopefully last for a while) surgery so I'll pass it along as soon as I find out.

And last, but certainly not least...overheard:

Jackson: Ainsley, you are difficult...and a genius!

I couldn't agree more.

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