Monday, January 28, 2008

state of the union

No, I won't be talking politics...

It's just that the next couple of weeks are going to be a little hectic and I'm not sure how much posting time I'm going to have, so I wanted to take a minute to fill you in on all the things going on around here!

Ryan is sick. We took him for a rapid strep test yesterday because he's had a very painful sore throat since Friday. The test came back negative, thank goodness, and we were hopeful that he would start feeling better this morning, as he's had no other symptoms. And then he threw up after his shower this morning and it's been downhill from there. Poor thing has been in bed all day today with a fever and not wanting to eat or drink because of the sore throat. He's drinking enough to stay hydrated, and as long as he doesn't throw up anymore I think he'll be fine. In the meantime, we're doing damage control...disinfecting every surface in the house and keeping Ryan as far away from Ainsley as possible, because...

Ainsley and I are leaving for Indy a week from today for her second surgery. We're flying out Monday morning, and barring any complications, flying home the following Sunday evening. For this surgery, the plastic surgeon will harvest bone cells from her rib and the oral surgeon will use them to fill the gap between the two pieces of her upper gum. The oral surgeon will also be closing the communication between her mouth and nose, which is incredibly exciting as it will make her meals a much more pleasant experience...for both of us! And, as if there isn't enough going on, an ENT will be putting tubes in her ears. We're very grateful for this as well. Ainsley had a hearing test about 2 weeks ago and failed all three parts, indicating she does have fluid that just isn't draining from her ears. This could be the reason that she hasn't been sleeping well and still wants to eat so often in the middle of the night. If her head is filled with fluid, she would want to suck on her bottles to help relieve the pressure. The audiologist told us that the sooner this gets resolved, the better, otherwise she could experience some speech delays. And given all of the amusing things that come from the mouths of the other three, we're ready for her to start talking! We could use the comic relief!!

Emily is going to be playing soccer again in the spring. Registration starts this week and I think practices start in March. She had a lot of fun playing in the fall and I think she's really looking forward to playing again.

I think we're all looking forward to some warmer weather. I know, we don't really have room to complain about what little cold weather we've had, but one of the perks of living here is knowing that there isn't supposed to be much cold any cold is too cold! Before the cold snap a couple of weeks ago, we had a really nice weekend and discovered a great park. I've been meaning to post the pictures, so here they are. I'm sure you'll be able to guess what Jack's favorite part was!!

And lastly...a cute photo!

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