Thursday, January 17, 2008

snow day

Not just as in it snowed last night, but also as in the kids are home from school and the entire city has shut down! I know what you're thinking..."Wait a sec, I can see the grass through the snow! There can't be more than a half inch on the ground!" And you would be correct. Actually, there was a little more snow on the ground earlier, and had I been a little more lucid at 1:30am when I was up with Ainsley, I would have taken a picture because it really was quite beautiful. But about an hour later the rain/ice/sleet started and it has continued off and on throughout the morning. Guess this explains why I couldn't find a parking spot at Trader Joe's late yesterday afternoon...everyone stocking up for the blizzard.
About an hour ago I told the kids they could watch a movie. You would think that of the 500 DVDs we own (give or take a few!), they would be able to find ONE that they could both agree to watch. But it took them 45 minutes to decide. Seriously. 45 minutes. The only thing that motivated them was that warning that if they hadn't decided by 12:30 I was going to let Jack watch Thomas & Friends and then Bob the Builder on PBS. So now I'm going to put Ainsley down for her nap, pop some popcorn and snuggle up to watch Star Wars with them. I think I deserve a snow day too!

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