Friday, August 29, 2008

first day of school...

...was Monday and I had every intention of posting these great pictures on Monday and now I cannot believe it is already Friday. It's been just a bit busy around here. You know how when you go on vacation for a week and you say that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Well, multiply that feeling by three and that's about where I am this week. First of all, it rained for 2 days straight and we got something like 8 inches of rain. Which is great because we really need the rain, but do you know what two days of solid sheets of rain does? It makes your house dark and much cooler than normal. Which, let's face it, does not produce an environment conducive to doing anything but napping. And then there were the school days and the parent night at preschool and the Meet-The-Teacher day at preschool and the soccer practices and the 47 loads of post-vacation laundry and the 5 trips to the grocery store. Really. In the 6 days we've been home, I've gone to the grocery store 5 times. Once for emergency things the night we got home, once to stock up from being gone for 3 weeks, once to go back to get all of the things I forgot the first two times, once to get the things that the kids realized they still needed for school and once to get more baby food, yogurt and pudding because Ainsley is eating us out of house and home! Oh, and then there was the one day it took to put the music on my new early-birthday iPod. Yes, a whole afternoon to create playlists and make sure all my cd's were copied into the computer and listen to all those great old songs I forgot I had and figure out which new ones I needed to buy. Exhausting, I tell you. But I digress...
First up, Ryan P. Miller. Middleschooler.
Such a serious smile. I can't figure out if he's just tired from having to get up so early to get on the bus at 7:10 or if he didn't brush his teeth and he knows that if he shows his teeth, I'll see the cereal in his braces and give him the lecture about brushing his teeth, and really, the last thing a rising 6th grader needs on the first morning of middle school is to be lectured about his hygiene.
Ryan's first impression of middle school is, "Well, it's not exactly what I would call fun, but it's not exactly boring either." Middle school is a whole new world of class changes and dressing for gym and being held much more accountable than before. I think it's going to take him a little longer to adjust, but I think he'll be just fine.
Emily got up early to go with us to the bus stop.
Quite the fashionistas, aren't they?
And here's Emily, sporting her new HSM backpack. (Only 56 days until HSM 3 hits theaters, you know!)
Here's Emily's reaction to her first day of 4th grade:
Emily: That was the best first day of school ever!!
Me: That's what you said last year. And the year before, I think.
Emily: Well, scratch that. This was really the best first day!
She loves her teacher, has a few friends in her class, and she gets to see her other friends sometimes at lunch and recess. And she was named Outstanding Student of the Day on the first day in her computer class. She's had a bit more homework than last year and she has to read more, but I think that's a good thing.
Overall, I think it's been a good week. But I can't tell you how grateful I am for the 3 day weekend. Because I still have laundry to do. And another trip or two to the grocery store...

finally, a math problem i like

warm bath + cold beer + iPod + new magazine = Heaven

Thursday, August 28, 2008

note to self

The next time you buy another box of your latest food obsession, Cracked Pepper Triscuits, (seriously, even though you say you won't buy another box, you know you will) also buy another tub of the Garden Vegetable cream cheese, but this time make sure you buy the lower fat variety so you don't have to feel as bad for eating half of the tub in one sitting. Thanks.