Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

number eleven

This past weekend marked the end of a six-week stretch that has been the most crazy, with the most jam-packed schedule, this house has ever seen...and that's saying something. And smack dab in the middle of the weekend, amidst all of the other activities, we celebrated Emily's 11th birthday. Cake requirements? A Marble cake, with white, vanilla buttercream frosting, decorated with blue and green letters and stars. (Actually, it was supposed to be balloons, but she changed her mind at the last minute.)

Marble cake with vanilla buttercream frosting? Check.

Decorated with blue and green letters and stars? Check.

One happy Birthday Girl?


Oh yeah.

Make a wish, Mimi. Hope it comes true. xoxo

i'm beginning to think soccer just may not be his thing

Another spring, another soccer season under his belt. But I think this season may have been his last. He's really just not that into it. Oh, he likes being on the field, but not exactly on the playing field...the sidelines are much more fun.

You can build things with whatever materials happen to be around...

Heaven forbid you actually get called into the game...

No point drinking the water when you can pour it over your head...

And while your hair is wet, you must also make sure it is "flat"...

Why would you look at the ball? Everyone else is...they don't need you to do it too...

Yes, ladies...that's where they're keeping the snacks!

"Jackson, do you want to play soccer again?

"Nah. Can I do Karate??"

So, Jack is done with soccer...but I think this little girl is just getting started...

flip flops

Remember these?

The cutest little flip flops on the cutest little feet. Well, after a year of wearing them, with the exception of about 2 months when it was "winter" here and I made her wear socks and closed-toe shoes, the cutest little flip flops now look like this:

I've been searching for something to replace these, because not only do they look like this, her cute little heels now hang over the back. I have purchased 3 pairs of shoes for her this spring, but she won't wear any of them unless I make her. She always goes back to these. We were at Target the other day and Ainsley was looking over at a little girl in the next aisle. "Mama! She has my shoes!" she exclaimed. And sure enough, the little girl was wearing a much cleaner version of these battered flip flops. I asked her mother if she found them in this store...because I had been looking...and she said that she had...and they had just arrived in the store this week...and they were buy one, get one half off!! So, we hopped out of the check-out line and hustled back to the shoe department and now her favorite shoes look like this:

Unfortunately, they still don't come in her big sister's size...

(p.s. - No, my kitchen floor isn't really that dingy. Early morning light, no flash, in a hurry to take the pictures so I could capture the "new" look before they didn't look new anymore!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

but honestly, i don't know how...

In January 2009, I wrote this post about what the kids' beds look like in the morning. I had titled it, "how they sleep," but I should have titled it "where they sleep." Because this? This is really how they sleep:

(Photos credits to Doug and his Blackberry)

Friday, May 7, 2010

the post in which i share with you the conversation that led to my husband insulting me even more than when he thought i was older than don cheadle

There is a blog I follow pretty regularly written by a woman named Ree Drummond. Also known as The Pioneer Woman. I may have mentioned her once or twice here, right? Okay, fine. I'm pretty obsessed with her. I read her blog daily, enter all of her contests (along with about 40,000 other people, so my odds aren't even remotely good, but I do it anyway!), and several of her recipes have become staples here in the Crazy House. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to find out that she was coming here to Charlotte for a book signing on May 7th. Tonight.

Now, earlier in the week, I really thought I would go. But as the week went on and our schedules were filled with things that kept all of us up way past our bedtimes, leading to a week of grumpy tantrums, some of them even by the kids, I began to realize that my plans may not come to fruition. Which is what I told my husband last night as we were getting ready to crash.

Doug: What do you mean? You have to go! Of course you have to go!

Me: Why does it matter to you?

Doug: Well, you just have to go. You're totally in love with her! I think if you weren't married to me, you'd be married to her!

Me: Oh, I think that may be a bit of a stretch...

Doug: Okay, well then you would be her...Wait! What's that guy's name? The guy who lived with OJ Simpson?

Me: Kato Kaelin?

Doug: Yeah, that's it! You would be like her Kato Kaelin!

Me: ... ... ...

Doug: You know, you would live in her guest house!

Me: Yeah, I'm gonna pretend you didn't just compare me to Kato Kaelin and instead focus on the fact that living in her guest house would be completely awesome!

So, yeah. After Ainsley's 32nd meltdown today (Seriously, you may be inclined to believe that is an exaggeration, but I think I'm actually being conservative in that estimation), I was so exhausted that I couldn't even think about driving in rush hour traffic to stand in line for several hours, even if it was for one of the loves of my blogging life. Honestly, I don't think I could have even mustered up the energy to go see Harry Connick, Jr. You know that's saying something. And quite frankly, after the Don Cheadle thing and then comparing me to Kato Kaelin? Doug's lucky I didn't go and decide to explore my options. Because I? Would be a fantastic tenant for The Lodge. PW would be lucky to have me. I would bake cookies and bread every day in a kitchen like that and I would even knit dishcloths AND help her clean the kitchen after we tested recipes together.

Not to mention the fact that I totally rock cowboy boots...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

following in his older brother's footsteps

Jackson makes his theatrical debut this evening in the Kindergarten Musical, Bugs!

Just take a second to picture that, if you will. About 100 Kindergartners all dressed like bugs. I think my heart is about to explode from all the cuteness.

The kids were asked to volunteer for speaking parts and Jackson stepped right up to the plate. He is Bug 24 and has four lines.

He was telling his friend, Mason, about it the other night after soccer practice:

I'm in a show. It's called Bugs! I have 4 lines. I say:

But wait, we need a battle plan
Before we have our snack.
Better call out the army Ants
To synchronize our attack!

Do you know how I know all my lines? Because my brain tells me. And my awesome!

Oh yeah. It's gonna be good. Video to follow...I hope!

Monday, May 3, 2010

three on the third

Day One:

Year One:

Year Two:

Year Three:

Your Dora the Explorer cake:

Now, make a wish...

And blow out your candles...

Happy Birthday #3, my sweet Ainsley Caroline.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

almost ready to leave the nest

A few months ago, we discovered a bird's nest right under the gutter by the garage. Last week, there was a flutter of new activity ...

We thought there were three, but as they get bigger, we can see definitely four, sometimes it even looks like there are five. They are usually pretty quiet and they just seem to watch us all the time.

I'm thinking this is kind of like the teenager phase...a very crowded house and a mess that seems to overflow onto everything. (I didn't take a picture of what the ground under this nest looks can use your imagination.)

But you know they will soon be gone.

And you will miss them.