Thursday, May 27, 2010

flip flops

Remember these?

The cutest little flip flops on the cutest little feet. Well, after a year of wearing them, with the exception of about 2 months when it was "winter" here and I made her wear socks and closed-toe shoes, the cutest little flip flops now look like this:

I've been searching for something to replace these, because not only do they look like this, her cute little heels now hang over the back. I have purchased 3 pairs of shoes for her this spring, but she won't wear any of them unless I make her. She always goes back to these. We were at Target the other day and Ainsley was looking over at a little girl in the next aisle. "Mama! She has my shoes!" she exclaimed. And sure enough, the little girl was wearing a much cleaner version of these battered flip flops. I asked her mother if she found them in this store...because I had been looking...and she said that she had...and they had just arrived in the store this week...and they were buy one, get one half off!! So, we hopped out of the check-out line and hustled back to the shoe department and now her favorite shoes look like this:

Unfortunately, they still don't come in her big sister's size...

(p.s. - No, my kitchen floor isn't really that dingy. Early morning light, no flash, in a hurry to take the pictures so I could capture the "new" look before they didn't look new anymore!)

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