Thursday, January 15, 2009

how they sleep

Because I have tons of laundry to do and absolutely none of the motivation I need (I mean, I still have clean underwear!!), I thought it might be fun to take pictures of the kids' beds...what they look like in the morning after the kids tumble out of them and before I make them. Ha! Make their beds...oh, that's a good one! Ahem...anyway, this will be fun! We'll go oldest to youngest.

First up is Ryan's bed. I love these cozy, flannel sheets. ($13.99 @ Target!) Mmmm, and the really soft down comforter. I would totally sleep here. Well, except for the climbing up and down the ladder thing.

See anything weird? Or rather, is there something you don't see? Like books?

Ah, here they are. Tucked neatly on the side. And no, that is absolutely NOT a La Madeleine travel mug. Okay, well maybe it is. But it's definitely not the one that the Royals have been missing for years and years. Okay, well, it could be. Moving on...

Emily's bed is probably about what you would books, lots of pillows and of course, Lambie. Oh, and her robe, no doubt thrown up here so that I won't yell at her for leaving it on the floor. Again with the fabulous Target sheets.

And then on to Jack. More cozy sheets ($15 for a Queen set @ Target! How do they do it??)

See all those pillows? Those are just for show. Jack doesn't sleep on a pillow. He rests his little angel head on that sweet blanket that Kate bought him when he was born. It's a patchwork blanket and before he goes to sleep each night he has to find the yellow corner and he rubs it with his fingers as he's falling asleep. I know, right? Almost too precious to bear! And what else is there, next to the blanket?

Ah, yes. Every night, before Jack goes to bed he "picks cars." Meaning he chooses a car or two to sleep with. Usually, he just adds to the collection until I wash his sheets, at which point all the cars get put away and we start with a clean slate.

Hmm...eleven cars and a Lightning McQueen car flashlight keychain. Looks like it's about time to wash Jack's sheets...

And then we have Ainsley's bed. This started innocently enough. About 3 stuffed animals. But now it seems like every night we have to add something else. It's almost as if she's thinking that she still has about 3 inches to move around, so what else can we put there to fill that space??

How do you like the books? She will actually open them up and then lay on top of the book! Seriously.

Huh. I notice that not everyone is here. She has 2 babies that are usually in here, and I just remembered she was playing with them while I was taking these pictures. I've tried putting all of the animals away when I change her sheets like I do with Jack's cars, but usually she is right there throwing them all back into the crib before I can even finish putting the sheets on the mattress.

And there you have it. More than you ever possibly could have wanted to know about the kids' beds. I really should go do laundry now because I just remembered that Ryan is actually out of clean underwear. Do you know how a 12-year-old boy would solve that problem? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't involve doing his own laundry. Yeah, I think I just found my motivation.

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