Sunday, February 28, 2010

on stage...or, in the family room, i guess

It's that time of year again...auditions for OnStage! Ryan's audition piece this year is a monologue called "Girl Crazy." Which is a little amusing to me because it may or may not be true. (Hint: It is. I mean, substitute another name for Kelly and we will have actually almost had this exact conversation.) And he may or may not be mortified that I'm telling you that. (Hint: He totally will be, but maybe next time he'll think about that before he slams me.)

He did give me permission to record and post his audition practice, so here you go!

(Apparently, I needed more light, but at least the camera is stationary and you don't need to be immune to motion sickness to watch it this time, so there's that...)


Anonymous said...

that was REALLY GOOD! Carrie~ I can totally see you guys having a very similar conversation! Can't wait to hear if he gets the part! love aunt Beth

Maya said...

the first out of like 10 times i've watched this, i laffed sooo much! its really good, and funny! i so hope he gets the part!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! That was so great!! Thanks for posting...good luck!!

aunt cake