Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the great snowstorm of 2010...and a winner.

Friday night was our annual "blizzard!" I had only heard reports of flurries in our area, and couldn't believe how crowded all the stores were on Friday! Then I remembered I live in the South. The first flakes fell around 6:00pm and this is what we woke up to on Saturday morning...

Looks innocent enough, but there was some ice under this dusting...and instead of falling in nice, big flakes, most of this "snow" was actually tiny, little ice pellets. The temperature never rose above freezing on Saturday and wasn't much warmer on Sunday, so most of this stuff was still around on Monday, resulting in...you guessed it! A SNOW DAY! Which was great, because we really needed another day stuck in the house! We needed a project...so, we decided to build a sled with our Bendaroos and slide down the back hill while we still had a bit of snow on the ground!

No, we didn't really. We (um, Jack and Emily) played entirely too much Wii, and we (um, Ryan, Emily and I) watched way too many old episodes of Lost. But that would have been a nice segue way into announcing the contest winner, wouldn't it??

Anyway, last week I held my very first giveaway here on this website. I had big plans of going to random.org to generate my random number to determine the winner. But of the 5 comments I received, only 3 of them were actual entries, and of those 3, 2 were in the same household. So, for whatever reason, most likely because I have cabin fever, I'm going to send Bendaroos to the Q's and to Owen. Thanks for playing, guys!!


Anonymous said...

Bendawhat?! Bendaroos!!! Ahhhhhh, too little, too late I guess. Congratulations to the lucky winners! As soon as I clicked on the link the kids came running like a moth to the flame. "Dad, can we get Bendaroos?!"
Good stuff Carrie.

Mike, Beth, and 2 new Bendaroos fans

Carrie said...

Mike ~ Beth said she didn't want to enter!! Of course, the kids do have birthdays coming up, right??