Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ainsley sings her abc's - the fully clothed edition

Ainsley has recently adopted a "clothing-optional" attitude. Meaning, if she knows we are going to be home, she wears only her diaper. And if I do make her leave the house, like to go pick up the other kids from school, she walks two steps inside the door when we get home and takes her clothes off in either the kitchen or the hallway next to the bathroom. We've all kind of gotten used to it, and to be honest, I didn't even think of it the first time I had her sit next to me on the couch and sing her ABC's for the webcam on my netbook. And then I played it back and went, "Crap. She's naked." I briefly thought about posting it anyway, because she wasn't really exposing anything the way she was sitting, but thought better of it. I was hopeful I could get her to sing it again. It took about a week, but I did...


Anonymous said...

Encore! Encore! Give us more!

Mike, Beth, and kids

Anonymous said...

Please let me have her...I love her songs! Keep em' coming!!

-Aunt Kate