Thursday, March 4, 2010

maybe we have a little more work to do...

My first big "Spring Cleaning" project this year was to clean out the pantry. Yesterday, I took everything out, cleaned it from top to bottom and then rearranged and put everything back. Well, almost everything. It turns out that I have an obscene amount of cookie cutters. And baking pans. And icing colors. And sprinkles. Anyway, since Ainsley did a decent job finishing off the cheese popcorn, I decided I would re-purpose the giant tin the popcorn came in to hold all of the cookie cutters. This morning, I asked her if she wanted to help me put all the cookie cutters away. She was more than happy to help. Of course, she had to look carefully at each one before she put it away:

Ainsley: What's this one?

Me: That looks like a dog.

Ainsley: A dog. Right. This one is a star!

Me: Yes it is.

Ainsley: What's this one?

Me: That's a letter. It's the letter "U."

Ainsley: Oh, me. Right.

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