Sunday, January 24, 2010

holiday wrap up (a.k.a the post in which i post all of the things about the holidays i told you i would post...finally!)

Since January is almost over (how did that happen??), I figure I'd better go ahead and finish this holiday post. I say, "finish," because I have actually had all of these photos on here, ready to go, for about 3 weeks now.

Let's start with Thanksgiving...I vaguely remember...Let's see, I think there was turkey...I know there was wine...and the company was fabulous!

Hi Holly! Hi Dean!

Hi Kids!

Most of the food was the same as last year, and instead of a pumpkin pie, I decided on these sweet little beauties from Bakerella. Actually, Mom made them because I was running a tad behind schedule (shocking, I know!) and they were wonderful! The whole holiday was wonderful. It was so nice to have everyone here.

A couple of weeks after Thanksgiving, we were invited to go on a trip to a Christmas Tree farm to cut down our own tree. Our neighbors make this trip every year and we were so glad that it worked out for us to go this year. We had some hotel points, so we decided to drive to Asheville the night before, have dinner at our favorite restaurant, Papa's and Beer, and be a little closer to the farm. A couple of days before the trip, we started getting reports that it may snow, so we were even more excited! And for once, the reports were right! As we were eating breakfast that morning, it started to snow!

Ainsley couldn't believe the snow was sticking to Jack's hair!! It snowed the entire ride from the hotel into the mountains, and by the time we arrived at Sugar Plum Farms, the views were just gorgeous!

We ate lunch and then took a ride up the mountain to begin our search for the perfect tree!

Ryan and Emily helped us find the best one...

...and here we all are in front of our tree. However, the cold had begun to take it's toll on the littles and they were definitely ready to head back to warm up with some hot chocolate!

It was such a fun day! We had a great time with our friends and we picked out the most perfect tree.

We can't wait to go back again!


Anonymous said...

the pic of Jack and Ainsley with the pouty faces is PRICELESS! Is it mean to think that pic is just so cute????? don't tell them aunt Beth was laughing at them.....

Carrie said...

It's actually my favorite picture, Beth!