Friday, September 5, 2008

score another for the mother

The first week and a half of middle school was pretty much horrifying for Ryan. Now, I've been really excited for him to go to this school. I know it will be a challenge for him, but I think it's exactly what he needs. He's never really been pushed, academically speaking, and so I knew he would have some adjustments just going to middle school where he would have more responsibilities and more would be expected of him. And then an IB magnet where even more would be expected of him. And then some long bus rides on top of all that. Yes, I knew there would be some adjustment issues, but I wasn't really prepared for all the gloom and doom.

The bus ride is too long.
I have to carry my books and they are too heavy.
They have a great, big library, but we don't ever go!
I have to change my clothes for gym.
My planner is too big.
Did you know I have to do volunteer work?

Oh, you name it. Every day it was something new...some new reason to dislike this new school. I tried to explain to him that some of these complaints were not a product of this particular school, but middle school in general and that maybe he'd better just give the school a chance. I was sure he would find something to like. And then came Wednesday. When he finally got to go to the library! And he got to check out 3 books! Oh, and there is a book fair next week! Oh, and his volunteer work can be done at the animal shelter!

And then he said, "This is seriously the best school I've ever been to!"

Ah, sweet music.

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