Friday, September 19, 2008

a list of some of the stuff that's junking up my brain and making it impossible for me to create a cohesive, non-rambling post

1.) Thank goodness the weather is starting to cool off a bit. Heat sucks all the fun out of soccer games and makes us all melting pools of grouchiness. And also, we are not even close to the equator...I should not have to apply SPF 70 in SEPTEMBER!!

2.) Things I am ready for (in no particular order):

a. The okay from the surgeon to remove Ainsley's arm immobilizers. I cannot tell you how many times I've been asked if both of her arms are broken. Or burned. And how many people look like they are just 2 seconds away from calling Child Protective Services to report me for breaking/burning my child's arms.

b. The okay from the surgeon to let Ainsley go back to eating anything she wants. Baby food is expensive...especially the amount of food she's plowing through! I think it's costing us as much as it was to buy formula! Yes, I could probably make my own cheaper, and I'm totally going to start doing that as soon as someone figures out a way to add a few more hours to a day!

c. Ainsley to grow some hair. So people will stop referring to her as "he" or "what a cute guy!" She does look a lot like Ryan did when he was a baby, but even then I had people who called him a girl. And this is what she was wearing at the post office yesterday when she was called a "sweet little boy." With these shoes! Does anything about that ensemble say boy to you? I didn't think so!

3.) Our beloved toaster oven bit the dust last week. We've had it almost 13 years, so I guess it was bound to happen, especially given that we use it for everything! So I've been making toast in the oven. Which I hate doing because it heats up the house. But toast is one of the three foods Jack is eating right now, so I make toast in the oven. And here's a tip for you. When you can smell the toast, it's too late. We seem to be going through a lot of bread these days.

4.) Overheard this morning:

Jackson: Ainsley! Why are you hitting me? That is not a good choice!

5.) Overheard yesterday:

Jackson: I opened this car...ALL. BY. MYSELF. I cannot believe I am such a big boy!

6.) I will never, ever discuss the sleeping habits of my youngest child again. You see, she started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago. And I didn't say anything because in the past, every time I've mentioned to someone that she slept through the night, that would be the end of it. So I finally decided that after 10 days of sleeping through the night, it would be okay to mention it. So I did and that night, she still slept through the night. She woke up a little earlier than usual, but I was already awake when she woke up, so it was okay. I got cocky. And I mentioned to someone yesterday that she was sleeping through the night and last night she woke up twice. So that's the end of that.

7.) The very reason that video cameras were invented and I didn't get it on tape:

After all the kids went to school yesterday, I was doing some things in the office and Ainsley was playing with her shape-sorting blocks. She stood up and walked to the bottom of the stairs and started calling for Ryan. Which sounds like "Ay-uh," but we know it's Ryan because she points to him and his pictures and that's what she says. So, she calls for Ryan 4 times and it finally becomes apparent to her that he's not going to answer or come down the stairs, so she turns around to face me and with her best scowl, she stomps her foot and says, "Hmpf!"

8.) I got a box in the mail today and Jack and Ainsley were interested in the box itself and the packing peanuts, so I let them play so I could write this post and now my office looks like this:

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