Wednesday, September 3, 2008

how i spent my summer vacation

I haven't written about our 3 week trip to the Midwest yet because quite frankly, I don't really know how to. I try to be a glass-half-full kind of girl and most of the time I am able to succeed, but this trip? Well, this trip knew how to push all of my buttons. Now, there were parts that were extremely fun and enjoyable. But the parts that were not fun were really, really not fun and I don't have enough distance from it all yet to talk about it and be able to spin it in a positive light. I will say this...other than the obscene amount of time in the car, the overnight hospital stay that turned into 4 overnights, and each of the kids being sick for days at a time (all at different times), it was good to get away for a bit and see our families and have some unseasonably cooler weather. That being said, man, it is so good to be home!!

Click here to see some of our fun adventures! The kids had many other great adventures that I wasn't able to take pictures of...Go carts with Grandma Mary & Grandpa Dennis, the State Fair with Uncle David, the Children's Museum with Grandma, the weekend with Grandpa Rick & Grandma Kay and more. Okay, fine, it was a fun trip. Hopefully by next summer we'll be ready to do it again!!

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very professional looking - I'm super impressed!!!! ~Beth