Thursday, February 21, 2008

why it was only $1

Doug and I don't normally make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. This year, he picked up dinner so I didn't have to cook and I could not have been happier. We do like to do a little something for the kids, and Doug took care of that this year too. There were some new things in the $1 spot at Target and so he picked up this Cars poster and sticker set for Jack:

Pretty cool poster, huh? And if you're not familiar with the movie Cars (meaning you haven't seen it 5,785 times like we have!) you might not notice anything is amiss. In fact, Doug and I both missed it until we looked at it closely the next day. But when you do look closely, you will see this:

and this:

Even though it very clearly says Lightning McQueen on the bottom of the poster, this red car is actually the Ferrari, not Lightning McQueen. Now, Jack could totally not care less, because he thinks the Ferrari is pretty awesome too. And there are some actual Lightning McQueen stickers on the sticker sheet, so he wasn't even the slightest bit disappointed. But I couldn't help feeling a little bit ripped off.

I think someone must have had too many margaritas on the job.

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