Friday, February 1, 2008

another one bites the dust

Well, here's the update from Germ Central:

Ryan is still home from school (day 5 for all of you who are counting). I took him to the doctor yesterday...she took one look at his face and said, "Look how congested you are! Poor thing!" Yes, his face was totally puffy from his overflowing sinuses. Then she took one look at his throat and said she would bet the farm it was strep. Nope. Hmmm...the flu? Nope. Turns out, just a nasty sinus infection, so she put him on an antibiotic and a heavy duty decongestant and today he's feeling much better. He actually asked for food this afternoon, which hasn't happened all week.

Emily is also home today. She complained of a sore throat when she got home from school yesterday, so I pumped her full of Gatorade all afternoon and a dose of Airborne before bed. She woke up at about 4:30 am completely frustrated because, "I'm blowing my nose and nothing is coming out!!" She felt a little warm too, so I gave her some Motrin and told her to turn off her alarm, because she wasn't going to school. Mostly, it's just her congestion that's bugging her today...throat doesn't feel as bad and she doesn't have a fever right now. So, again, pumping her with fluids and bed rest today and hoping that we nip this in the bud.

So far, Ainsley is doing well. A little bit of a runny nose, but the doctor took a look at her yesterday and said everything else looks good...her weight is good, her chest is clear, her ears are full of fluid, but not infected. She said as long as she doesn't get a fever, she'll be good to go for her surgery next week. Of course, now she has a small indentation on her forehead from me pressing my lips against her, checking for fever every 30 seconds. But I'm sure that will go away.

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