Thursday, February 28, 2008

makes you wonder what the other fourth was thinking

We've been having some bus problems lately. When the school year started, our school district was short about 80 bus drivers. The kids are scheduled to get home at 4:00pm (which is totally ridiculous given that dismissal is at 3:30pm and we live 5 minutes away from the school and we are the first stop...don't even get me started on that!) But there's a bus shortage, so usually when the kids are dismissed, they go to the gym and wait for their bus to show up at the school and then they board it and come home. Sometimes, however, their bus doesn't show when it's supposed to and they end up sitting in the gym much longer. During the first several months of school, they were only late a handful of times, but in the last couple of months it's been about once a week. Today was the worst. My neighbor called at 4:20 to let me know that she had already called the school and all the kids were still sitting in the gym, so she sent her husband to pick up her son. Doug happened to be working from home today, so he called the school shortly after our neighbor's call and was told that a bus was on it's way and the kids would be home in a few minutes. They finally showed up at about 4:50pm.

Ryan, of course, was extremely annoyed.

Ryan: What time is it?
Me: It's almost 5:00pm.
Ryan: I think Emily and I could have walked home faster.
Me: I'm sure you could have.
Ryan: Seriously, I had three-fourths a mind to go tell the principal to let us walk home!

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