Thursday, July 31, 2008

july pictures

Here are our pictures from July. And it's not even the middle of August yet! Aren't you impressed?

Don't be...I'm doing this instead of the cleaning and packing I need to be doing for our Summer Tour of the Midwest!

So posting will be light for the next few weeks, but then we'll be back to fill you in on all the crazy from our trip and Ainsley's surgery.

By the way, if you ever want to annoy me, here's what you can do...Fax my son's medical records to the new doctor's office, but leave the immunization record blank, so that while we're in the office waiting for shots that I had to practically drag him in for, we can be told that we can't get the shots until the office can verify his records to make sure he's getting all the shots he needs. And then when I call to let you know that the page you faxed over was blank, you can tell me that since it's been a year since he was a patient, all of his records are in "storage" and therefore not able to be faxed over while we're waiting. So then I have to drive home and get my copy of the records and then drive back again for the shots (all 4 of them!) so that he can start middle school. Seriously.

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