Thursday, June 12, 2008

i love you, you love me

First day of summer vacation and Jackson is watching Ernie on PBS. You know, Ernie? The big, purple dinosaur? Oh, probably know him as Barney. And I've tried telling Jack that his name is Barney, but he will have none of it. It's Ernie. Period. End of discussion. I'm not a big fan of Ernie/Barney and my dislike for him probably has more to do with overexposure than actual show content because when Ryan was young, he was a Barney junkie. Which he will vehemently deny. Because he seems to have totally blocked that time period in his life where he worshiped the ground that Barney happily danced across. He seems to have forgotten all the videos we owned and watched daily, the many books we checked out at the library, the cassette tape we had to throw away because we wore it out listening to cheerful song after song. And so every time Ryan even hears the name Barney he does this dramatic act where he either pretends to choke and die or he runs away screaming. Which is what he did yesterday when Jack was watching Ernie/Barney. Except Jack thought he was doing it because he was scared and said, "It's okay, Ryan, he's just a happy dinosaur!"


Anonymous said...

just a happy dinosaur - I'm not so sure if it's a time period Ryan has blocked from his memory! I'm with Ryan - he's scary! ~Beth

Anonymous said...

I think Barney gets a bad rap. I mean, really, what is so scary about a 7 ft. lavender colored dinasaur that loves to hug little kids?