Friday, June 6, 2008

being pollyanna

Shots are over! Good news...Ainsley's nasal congestion seems to be clearing up. Bad news...the medicine she's taking for her reflux actually makes her have reflux. (Let me just go off on a little rant here and ask how ridiculous is it to give an infant meltaway tabs? I mean, it says right on the package not to chew. And have you ever known an infant to not try to chew something that's placed in her mouth? And have you ever known an infant who when told, "Sweetie, don't chew this. Just let it melt in your mouth!" says, "Sure Mom, no problem, whatever you say!" Yeah, that's what I thought.) She's spit up more in the past 3 days while taking the medication than she has in the three months prior to taking it. Good news...the medicine she's taking now is not the medicine she used to take for reflux, so I would imagine that once we switch her medicine, she'll be just fine. Bad news...I have to go back to Target to fill yet another prescription. Wait...I get to go to Target! That's more good news! The good news wins!

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