Tuesday, April 13, 2010

there are times i'm glad she has a phone. and then there are times like these...

I had some phone problems on our trip and didn't have service for about 3 days. (Which is why I wasn't able to tweet some really fun things we were doing...New Fort Wayne Tin Caps stadium is awesome...would love to see a game here! It's been such a long time since I've been in Trinity...the remodel is gorgeous...but the Chapel will always be my favorite part. The people at the Verizon Store at Jefferson Point are getting on my nerves!! Fideo and Nachos at El Azteca! First Dairy Queen of the season! Giant slide at Science Central looks so fun...Ryan and Emily heading down in under 3 seconds!) I haven't had too many problems since I've been back, but yesterday my phone was doing some weird things so while I was waiting in the carpool line for Ryan, I called Emily and asked her to send me a "test" text.

Emily's text: kgfvcjkfdl

Me: Thanks...

Emily: your welcome

Me: You're...Not your.

Emily: this is txt language it is short

Me: Never an excuse for bad grammar...

Emily: whatever

(I do realize I just opened myself up for a critique of my own grammar. I know it's not perfect...but the misuse of you're and your? Ranks right at the top with the misuse of there and their in terms of my biggest grammar pet peeves. And one of these days I'll learn how to correctly use a comma and stop ending sentences with prepositions. Baby steps, people.)

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