Thursday, April 1, 2010

spring break

Tomorrow I'll be driving to Indiana with the kids. (Doug will be staying behind to work and try to finish all 27 items on his honey-do list!) We have a ton of plans, and I'll have very limited access to Internet, so I may not be able to post anything here until we return. However, I will be tweeting! Have you seen the Twitter bar on the left? I can update just by sending a text message. So, even though there may not be any new posts next week, you can still check in and see updates of all the fun we're having!! Now, rest assured, I will not tweet while driving!! One of my "navigators" will update for me if I have something exciting to say on the road. And speaking of navigators...Emily will be taking the co-pilot chair on the way to Indiana tomorrow. I let her know that she will be responsible for making sure we get all the directions right. (Part of our route is still closed due to a rock slide last October, so I'll need her to help guide me through the detour.) So, she grabbed the atlas and started looking through it:

Emily: Oohh! Here it is! I found Indiana already!!

Me (glancing over at the atlas) : Um, honey? That may be, but you're looking at a map of Pennsylvania.

So, if all goes well, we will arrive at our destination in time for dinner! But just in case, does anybody know any good places to eat in Pennsylvania??

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