Monday, December 7, 2009

on the plus side, he does give me a lot of blog material

Last weekend, we took a trip to the mountains to pick out our Christmas tree (post forthcoming). We had some hotel points at our disposal, so we decided to spend the night in Asheville and meet the rest of the group at the tree farm on Saturday. I asked Ryan and Emily to put their things on my bed before they left for school on Friday morning because I was going to pack everything so we could leave as soon as school was out. And this is what my teenager packed. For an overnight trip. To the mountains. Where it was supposed to snow.

1 pair long pants
1 long sleeved shirt
2 short sleeved shirts
4 pairs of underwear

no socks
no pj's
no toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lens case, glasses



Today I had to take Emily, Jackson and Ainsley to the dentist. Our appointment was at 4:00pm and so I needed Ryan to hurry out to the carpool line so I could pick him up and still have enough time to make it to the appointment.

Me: So, please hurry as fast as you can to the car. I'm going early, so I'll already be waiting. Just come straight out to the car as quickly as you possibly can, okay?

Ryan: Okay. I mean, I'll try to go fast. But just so you know, I'm going to be very irritated if I go as fast as I can, possibly tripping over people, running and carrying my heavy bag and clarinet and then we drive to the dentist and are, like, 10 minutes early to the appointment or something.

Me: ... ... ...

Ryan: ...

Me: Okay, son. Tell you what. You do your best getting to the car, and I'll do my best making sure I don't inconvenience you in any way, like not picking you up at all and making you walk home. Deal?

Ryan: ...

Me: That's what I thought.


Anonymous said...

I can totally hear this conversation playing out and you two are soooo alike! you guys keep my laughing... seriously. love you guys... Beth (oh, and Mike said I have to start adding his name on here because he reads the blog too, but I think he should post if he wants to earn his points for reading the material.... just my "teacher thoughts" on the subject).

Jenny Q said...

He does get it honestly!! ;-) Love you!!