Friday, December 4, 2009

keeping the peace in these here parts

Okay...I have to give him an A+ for imagination...

While it may look to you like he's wearing a pair of shorts on his head, pj's, and rain boots, this is how Jack dresses up to be The Sheriff! The shorts are his cowboy hat, the pj's are his "sheriff clothes," and the boots are his cowboy boots. You may also see his badge at the top of his shirt, which is a large coin he brought home from the treasure box at school and is secured to his shirt with a paper clip. And, of course, the Star Wars blaster completes the look. Well, actually, his facial expression is really what completes the look.

Rest easy, family. There's a new Sheriff in town.


Anonymous said...

Does he not have a real hat? He's so menacing!! Watch out Ains!!

Carrie said...

Why would he need a hat when he has an entire drawer full of shorts?? And it's the bad guys that need to watch out...Princess Ainsley is under Sheriff Jackson's protection!!