Monday, May 5, 2008

our last first birthday

It is so hard to believe, but on Saturday we celebrated Ainsley's First Birthday! Where has the time gone? Just one short year ago we welcomed this little girl into our family:

And she has grown to be this beautifully precocious one-year-old:

okay, where you can actually see her face...

Here is her tower of First Birthday cupcakes:

And here she is eating the one on top, after Jack helped her blow out the candle of course.

And here she is, eating a little more, with Jack's help again!

Snakes and surgeries aside, it's been a great year!

Happy Birthday, sweet peanut!

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Wini said...

Oh my gosh....The cupcake thing turned out great :o) How awesome is that! I can not even believe that she is one....crazy!