Thursday, May 29, 2008

holiday weekend

We did all the fun things you're supposed to do over Memorial Day weekend...grilled out, saw an unprecedented (for us, anyway) 2 movies in the theater, watched the Indy 500 (in real time, something we were never able to do in Indy!) and even played in the sprinkler. But the real holiday celebrated in this house was, of course, Emily's 9th Birthday!

Friday night, we kicked off the festivities with Emily's friend Aurora coming over to stay the weekend with us. Then we had pizza & movie night...make your own pizzas and National Treasure 2. Emily requested cheesecake for her actual birthday cake.

Saturday was Emily's Birthday Party. Her friend, Emily, came over and the girls tie-dyed t-shirts (pink and purple, of course!) and listened to music and played with Emily's 2nd favorite birthday present...her Tamagotchi.

And her first favorite present? Her new pink digital camera! You can see her holding it in this picture along with her other birthday cake...Cake Batter Confetti from Cold Stone Creamery.

I totally got off easy in the cake department this year.

The rest of the weekend we spent doing all of the other fun things mentioned above. And other than the first meltdown because no one was making a very big deal about her birthday (seriously...) and the next one because I was making scrambled eggs for breakfast instead of say, an omelet or over-easy eggs, I think it was a wonderful weekend. I hope she thought so too.

Happy #9 Mimi!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

ohhh, how I love cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone - you picked a good one, Emily! ~ Beth