Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and i kid you not, my response was, "that's great, buddy. but for next time, it only has one e!"

Jackson likes to take his showers in our bathroom now, mostly because our shower has a door and in his bathroom, there is only a curtain. Which means that if he were to take a shower in his bathroom, he couldn't draw pictures and write his name with his finger on the foggy door. And school is almost over and getting him to do his homework these days is like pulling teeth. So I really don't mind if he wants to practice his spelling in the shower...we are all about multi-tasking around here.

Last night, as he was getting out of the shower, he called me over to look at his words.

"Look! B-U-T-T spells butt!"

"Yes, it does."

And then the giggles started as he pointed at the next word.

"And P-E-E-N-I-S spells penis!"


Anonymous said...

But when you think about it, wouldn't it make more sense for it to have two e's? SAQ

Anonymous said...

Well, of course! He has to be a master speller no matter what he is spelling!! ;-)