Wednesday, August 26, 2009

first day of school - part one

The first day of school for Ryan and Emily was yesterday! I had volunteered to go in early to help at Jackson & Emily's's a brand new school and they just got their certificate of occupancy last Friday! So no students had been allowed in the building for tours or open house. The kindergartners only go one day this week on a staggered schedule, and even though yesterday wasn't Jack's day to go, I wanted him to go in early with me so he could see the school. He was not too fond of getting up early ("Why is it still dark??")!

So he snuggled on the couch while Emily got ready.

Emily the 5th grader...

Doug worked from home yesterday so he could take Ryan to school, since I was going to be at the elementary school.

Back in uniform...

Ryan the 7th grader!

Up next...first day of school - part two!

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