Thursday, July 2, 2009

lunch at our house - a one act play

Me: What does everyone want for lunch?

Ainsley: Mac cheese!

Me: Okay...anyone else want mac and cheese?

Ryan: I'll eat some.

Emily: Me too.

Me: Jackson? Do you want mac and cheese?

Jackson: Ugh. Is it leftover?

Me: No, I'm making it fresh right now.

Jackson: Okay...I'll have some.

Ryan: I'm really hungry, so I think I'm going to make a turkey sandwich too.

Emily: I'm really hungry too...can I have a yogurt?

Me: Sure.

Ryan starts making his sandwich and Emily gets her yogurt.

Ainsley: I yogurt!

Jackson: Is my mac and cheese ready yet?

Me: Almost!

Ryan finishes his sandwich as I make a salad with leftover grilled chicken and honey mustard dressing.

Ryan: Mmm...that salad looks really good. Can I have that too?

Me: Well, there isn't anymore grilled chicken, but you can have this one.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Ainsley: I salad!

Me: Yeah...I'll just make a taco salad.

Emily: Ooohh...taco salad! Can I have one of those?

Me: Sure.

So I give Ryan the grilled chicken salad, steal a piece of the chicken to make a smaller version for Ainsley, warm up the leftover taco meat and put most of it on Emily's salad and save a bit for mine. And now the mac & cheese is ready.

Jackson: Can I have a taco too?

Me: Sure.

Ainsley: I taco!

I look at Ainsley's half eaten yogurt, half eaten salad and half eaten bowl of mac & cheese.

Me: Sorry Ainsley, no taco.

I use the rest of the taco meat for Jack's taco and then remember we have some leftover shredded chicken so I can still have my taco salad. I make my salad and sit down with the kids and take a bite.

Jackson: Can I have some apple juice?

Ainsley: I appa booce!

Me: Sure.

I get the juices and sit back down.

Jackson: Cheers everybody!

So we all do cheers and finish eating.

The end. Until dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I believe we've had a similar exchange at least a hundred times at our house...sometimes I think I should just start out pretending to make for myself what I was planning on giving to them.....just a thought...Beth