Friday, April 24, 2009

on fire

This picture was taken by my good friend, Kara, in Myrtle Beach.  To put this in perspective, for those of you who visited us when we lived here...This road is Carolina Forest Boulevard.  And if you were following that white truck for about a half a mile you would arrive at Carolina Forest Elementary, where Ryan and Emily used to go to school.  And if you turned left at Carolina Forest Elementary and drove about about a half a mile, you would arrive at our old condo.  I've talked to my friends there and everyone is safe.  It's just amazing to see our old stomping grounds like this.


Jenny Q said...

I must be living in a hole! What is going on?

Carrie said...

You must be!! Massive wildfires in the Myrtle Beach area...burned through about 31 square miles and destroyed about 75 homes in North Myrtle Beach.

Jenny Q said...

Wow! I had no idea!! How awful!!