Thursday, November 13, 2008

you heard it here first

If there is one thing that Jackson despises, it's any way shape or form. I can't even put peanut butter on toast in the morning without him coming in from the other room saying, "That smells that peanut butter??" Oh, and you've never seen such drama as Jack unknowingly eating a small piece of a nut (like when he tried to sneak M&Ms on Halloween but didn't realize they were Peanut M&Ms!) or something with peanut butter in it (like a seemingly benign looking peanut butter chocolate chip cookie). With the awful faces and the spitting out the food and the rinsing his mouth out 10 times...seriously...give that boy an Oscar! So imagine my surprise when after winning a game of Wii Mario Kart last night, he pointed at the TV and shouted, "Yeah...that's AWESOME!! With peanuts in it!!" As if peanuts, the thing he despises more than anything, actually made winning more awesome. Huh.

Anyway, it's the new phrase sweeping the nation. Awesome! With peanuts in it! Go ahead, try it out. But don't forget where you heard it!

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