Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jack at the dentist today:

Dr. - "What did you have for breakfast today?"

Jack - something I couldn't hear from where I was standing

Dr. - "Cookies?"

I shake my head..."Cereal."

Dr. - "Do you eat candy every day?"

Jack - "Yes."

Again, I shake my head, because it isn't really every day. Probably just 6 out of 7...

Dr. - "Do you drink Kool Aid every day?"

Jack - "Yes."

Once again with the head shaking, because it is very, very rare that we have Kool Aid in our house. So I'm beginning to think that he's just going to say yes to everything. And the doctor seems to have the same thought because his next question is...

Dr. - "Do you eat green beans every day?"

Jack - "No, I don't!"

And he is right.

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